Supplement Review – Arginine

Arginine or L-Arginine is an essential amino acid and is used for various purposes such as:

  • In men, it increases the hgh-x2 level
  • It helps in stimulating the muscle growth
  • It improves erectile function
  • It helps in the improvement of wound healing.

Due to the increased hgh-x2 level, most of the Athletes use it. It blocks the secretions of growth hormone inhibitor Somatostatin and thus increases the hgh-x2 level. It helps a lot in lean mass gains and fat loss by increasing the levels of insulin and creatine phosphate in our body. As compared to the normal level in one age group, this supplement increases the hgh-x2 level three times more, according to a European study.

Increased Vasodilation (increased blood flow) is the second most important factor associated with L-Arginine. It is used by most counter male stimulants and helps them with their erectile problems. It is because of the reason that it helps relaxing the blood vessels by keeping the arteries flexible and thus boosts up the blood flow.

It can also have the direct effects on cardiovascular diseases. It has shown reverse to arterial plaque and increases the NO (Nitric Oxide). Its dosage varies and depends on the goals of particular user. It is usually recommended in less than documented amounts by the manufacturers, so you need careful consideration while using this supplement.

It should be used on an empty stomach. It helps in reducing the blood pressure 2 grams thrice a day. It increases the sperm count 4 grams throughout the day. It should be used 6-13 grams throughout the day for a healthy heart. It is usually suggested to use 15-18 grams throughout the day for healing of wounds. It raises the hgh-x2 level 3 gm 1 hour before exercise and before going to sleep.

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