Answers to 10 Common Muscle Growth Questions:

Answers to 10 Common Muscle Growth Questions:

  • A person, who wants to gain weight and is on his way of muscle building, has a lot of questions in his mind. This article will surely help you resolve a lot of your problem related to muscle building. I answer 20-40 question related to muscle building per day as I work in lifting industry. When you begin seeing the same question every year you think that there’s surely a reason behind it. The most popular 10 questions that are repeatedly asked are in the following discussion.


  • As I work and belong to the weight lifting industry, it’s my responsibility to answer every question that people ask and to clear the confusions in their minds. It’s simply not possible for me to write a lengthy article about every question that people ask. I consider it my mission to help as many people as I can in building strength. Therefore, I thought to answer the questions briefly about the muscle growth.


  • What is the perfect workout program for growth of muscles? There is actually not any best program for your muscle growth. The conclusion depends upon your consistency, progression, patience, plenty of food and quality exercise choices.


  • Will cardio limit the muscle growth? Cardio would not limit the muscle growth unless you’re not eating plenty of food. It can only be risky if your cardio sessions are excessively lengthy.


  • Which is the best rep range for muscle building? The key to muscle gains is only progression. Otherwise, there is no magical rep range. Stick to 8-15 for machines and isolation sets and 5-12 for compound exercise sets.


  • How can I switch up workouts? There is actually no frequent need to switch up workouts. You should consider progression a key not confusion. You should evolve the muscle building trainings according to the needs of your body. Move gradually to the heavier weights.


  • How much struggle I need to do for each set? You should do as many reps as possible, unless you feel that you’re going to fail doing the next rep.


  • What is the result of muscle gain in about 4 weeks? You need to be patient in this field of muscle building. You cannot gain enough in just 4 weeks it requires years to gain a huge muscle mass. You need to enjoy the process and lifestyle of building muscles.


  • What if I add more abs exercise to my work? You can add it but it won’t help you make six packs. The only way to carve the abs is by losing the body fat.


  • What if I add another chest or bicep workout? Adding more weight doesn’t mean it will increase the muscle gain. You need to be patient and follow a particular routine to get stronger.

Is my friend correct when he says that I don’t need to build muscles? Have you ever seen weak bodybuilders? So no, your friend isn’t correct. You need to remain as strong as others do.

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