Anadrol Doses

Anadrol Doses

It’s not enough to simply take in the anabolic steroid. Keeping safety in view, you need to understand everything about the dose you’re taking in order to reach your goals. However, it’s a misconception for a lot of people that it is easy to understand the dosing of Anadrol. Mostly, this steroid is found in the amount of 50mg so most of the people usually take 50mg of it per day. However, in some cases, you may need less dose of Anadrol. Here, we’ll guide you about the dosage of Anadrol.

Basic Guide to Anadrol Dosage:

In most cases, the standard dosage of Anadrol is usually 50mg per day. This dosage is suitable not only for the long time anabolic steroid users but also for the beginners. As a result of this kind of dosage, the user will be able to get mass and strength rapidly in a very short period. In 3-4 weeks you’ll gain 20lbs of mass, in fact, it is even possible to gain 30lbs with Anadrol doses. It may also be very convenient dosing due to the tabs being available in 50mg.

Lower Doses of Anadrol:

AnadrolIt is often enough to take 25mg of Anadrol per day. It will be almost a half of a normal tablet of Anadrol per day. 25mg of Anadrol will be very safe as well as side-effect friendly for the beginners. But you need to keep one thing in mind that Anadrol isn’t side-effect friendly. It is because the hormone Oxymetholone is highly estrogenic and extremely hepatotoxic, and can cause an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol level. It is easy to avoid these issues by lower dosage of Anadrol. If your diet and training are proper, you may not gain 20-30lbs but you’ll gain so after a bit long time.

For the competitive bodybuilders, it is very beneficial to use Anadrol for their cutting cycles. Some of the people find it difficult to control water while using Oxymetholone, but 25mg of Anadrol dosage can reduce such risks greatly.

High Dosage of Anadrol:

In men, 25-50mg of Anadrol is enough. However, if 25-50mg of dosage is well-tolerated then you may consider higher dosage of Anadrol. You must remember that the risk increases with the increase in the dosage. Although 75-100mg of Anadrol doses are available, but most men do not try to surpass this dosage. You may not see greater results when you use more than 100mg. There are a lot of side effects seen while taking more than 100mg of Anadrol which may include the loss of appetite that results in the difficulty of growth.

Duration of Anadrol Usage:

No matter what dosage of Anadrol you’re taking, it is not good to take this steroid longer than eight weeks. If one is going to protect his health, he may not use it more than six weeks even. There’s seriously no point in extending the duration of usage when you get the same benefits in six weeks. You’ll experience the same growth benefits in six weeks as in eight weeks. Regardless of the Anadrol dosage, many men will experience the excess results within even first four weeks. Thus, the studies show that 4-6 weeks are just perfect for any man to get the maximum benefits. This time frame is best suitable in terms of safety and desired goals.

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