All about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids

All about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids

If you have ever experienced the performance enhancing steroids, you must be well-aware of the term “anabolic androgenic”. You must have read about it in many magazines and have listened to many people about it. But you don’t actually know what it is. In the phenomena of performance enhancement, you have to focus on your goals and take the steroids according to the needs of your body. That’s the only way to take the complete benefits of the product you’re using.

What are Androgens?

In the steroidal family, androgens are one of the most primary sex hormones that are cholesterol in nature and are the core of four-ringed carbon. Androgens are the fat molecules that are more commonly known as testoid and can stimulate, promote and maintain the male sexual characteristics. Although, there are a lot of androgens but testosterone are the most important of them all. Anabolic steroids are of no importance without androgens. In fact, there are some anabolic steroids that exist only because of their androgenic nature.

Androgens are produced by the testis, ovaries and adrenal glands that depend on the sex and have varying importance depending on their form. Two most important androgens are Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). At the time of puberty, androgens help in regulating the sex drive. Deepness of male vocal chords, facial hair-growth and increase in women libido are caused by androgens.


The opposite of catabolism is anabolism that simply refers to the metabolic process. The building of muscles, strengthening and restructuring of molecules to build larger molecules is anabolism. Its primary function is the strength and promotion of strength such as hardness. As estrogen is a precursor to androgenic hormone so the steroids that are anabolic in nature will not convert to estrogen.

Ratings of Anabolic and Androgenic:

The primary steroid testosterone determines the ratings of anabolic and androgenic hormones in anabolic androgenic steroids. The anabolic and androgenic rating in testosterone is 100 so it is considered as an ideal for all other steroids. The actions of a particular steroid depend on the amount of anabolic and androgenic hormones. Androgens not only promote the metabolic activity but are also important in fat-loss process. By coupling it with anabolic activity we’ll have a worthwhile androgenic nature steroid though weal in-terms of growth.

Maximizing Hormones:

The amount of a particular steroid depends on our needs but we know that the productivity increases as we increase the amount of steroid. For an individual who’s dealing with the therapeutic measures, he needs anabolic androgenic steroid of low testosterone nature. Androgen replacement is all he needs if he is testosterone deficient. It is the performance enhancer that is completely worthwhile in both the anabolic and androgenic nature and activity.
As the suppression of natural testosterone production depends on the steroid you’re using, sometimes to maintain the cycles you need androgen testosterone for the adequate levels in the body. In some cases, androgen is all you need to reach your goal thus adding it with the anabolic nature isn’t necessary. While in some cases, all you need is testosterone that is equally anabolic and androgenic in nature and is suitable in-terms of both the makeup and action. For those who are trying to gain some extra weight as in the gyms, multiple androgenic items are coupled with strong anabolic in nature steroids such as Testosterone / Trenbolone / Anadrol.

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