A Guide to German Volume Training

A Guide to German Volume Training

German national weight lifting coach Rolf Feser was renowned by the German Volume Training (GVT) method and the scheme to use the 10 set x 10 rep. It was used with two-fold goal as an off-season method. These two goals were:

– To help the weight lifters to burn off the excess and unwanted body fat.

– To help the lifters in building the muscle mass.

The effectiveness of the German Volume Training can be determined from the fact that it wasn’t difficult for the members of weight lifting team to move up a weight class just after 12 weeks. It was such an incredible system that the weight lifters were immensely strong in every aspect.

The German Volume Training (GVT) was so popular at a time that not only men were attracted to this training but women weight lifters were also a part of this. One of the famous female bodybuilder Bev Francis also joined German Volume Training to build muscles in the early days of her career.

An Overview to German Volume Training:
“You preferably alternate with the antagonist “most bang for your buck” exercise” said by Charles Poliquin. He has mentioned this because of the sources talk about 10×10 sets for single muscle group and overlook the antagonistic work.

Here are some basic facts about the German Volume Training:

  1. Impactful Choices of Exercise:
    The selection of exercise is really important for each bodybuilder. His victory depends on what workout plan he chose first. The GVT states that the lifters would pick up only those exercises that provide the most for buck. Don’t run for the easier machine movements or less paid compound exercises if you’re capable to do the big and bad compound movements. For the best result, you can perform only 10×10 exercises for one muscle group.
  2. Amount of Sets and Reps:
    For the best result, perform 10 sets by 10 reps for each beginning exercises.
  3. Rest Periods:
    It is necessary that you rest to about 90 seconds between 10×10 sets on main lifts. Rest for about 60 seconds between the sets of accessory lifts.
  4. Antagonistic Muscle Groups:
    For the perfect result in body building, work and focus on the antagonistic muscle groups like Overhead press, chest and back, pull ups and pushups, biceps or triceps, Quads and Hamstrings.
  5. Addition of Weights:
    When you are capable of performing 10 reps for 10 sets, then you can add weight. Try not to fail in training of the sets.
  6. Important Exercises:
    You have to use 3 sets for 10-20 reps.
  7. Frequency:
    It is optimal to train each muscle group for 4 to 5 days.

It is important to note that you are eating enough nutritious food during your body building period. There is no use of these tough exercises if your diet is incomplete.

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