7 keto

7 keto

It is one of the best supplements used to promote safe fat loss. In weight loss products it is known to be a breakthrough product. It is not just used for weight loss but it also helps in enhancing memory, boosting immune system and some anti aging actions.

This supplement increases the rate at which the body burns calories and it also helps in increasing the metabolic rate. People who are sensitive to stimulants or have any health concerns, it is the best supplement for them. 7- keto is combined with L-Carnitine amino acids which helps in aiding fat metabolism and also reduce fat in blood.

It is one expensive supplement and the recommendation of taking it is 25mg/day. Many studies have shown that the most effective dosage for this supplement is 50 to 100mg twice a day. That is a total of 100-200 mg’s per day.

In the morning and afternoon before meal, is the best time to take this supplement.

To take 7-keto is not recommended to the ones who are pregnant.

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