16 Fitness Tips for Women to Lose Weight up to 100 Pounds

16 Fitness Tips for Women to Lose Weight up to 100 Pounds

For sure, it’s a hard work to lose weight and sometimes you just need a little inspiration from someone that help to inspire you for some positivity. Here are some best examples of some women with whom you will be inspired as they lost almost 100 pounds by following fitness tips for women to lose weight given below:

  1. Always start with a small. If you think you cannot maintain a hectic or hard exercise routine then start with a light jogging or walking for only 15 minutes a day. Increase the time of walking or jogging day by day. Do not increase it by 20 to 30 minutes slightly increase the time of your walking like 5 to 10 minutes maximum after 2 to 3 days.
  1. Whenever your weight loss plateaus, do not give up. You have to keep pushing the effort and you have to push through your plan to work. By doing like this, you cannot get discouraged.
  1. You have to be realistic about which habits you need to go. A girl Brianna Blank from Westwood shared her experience and she said when she was heavy she used to eat French Fries every day and carbs also with almost every meal like for dinner bread with pasta and sandwiches for lunch. For weight loss, so heavy diet in carbs and fried foods is not at all conductive for this purpose. An effective fitness tip for women to lose weight went from three large meals a day to six meals, but these meals are small in quantity. If you want to lose weight quickly then eat those meals that are made from fresh vegetable salads or with lean meat and nuts. These are highly rich in proteins and contain no fats.
  1. Try to find meals that are healthy and you eat it all the time. Minimize the intake of a lot of sugar and calories and most of the women consume a large amount of sugar and calories from the drinks. If you want to stay fit and want to lose weight than challenge yourself to drink water only and say no to all sugary drinks.
  1. One of the healthiest fitness tips for women to lose weight is that women who like to eat bread can switch to wheat bread and instead of eating white rice switched to brown rice. Wheat bread and brown rice help you to lose weight.
  1. When you know you have to go somewhere out for dinners, where you definitely eat extra calories, then throughout the day, try to eat lighter meals for example only a smoothie in breakfast and fresh vegetable salad only for lunch.
  1. Replace your bad snacks with the good ones like most of the girls like to eat candy bars, chips or other junk foods which contain a large amount of oil and sugar. Replace these bad snacks with the healthy protein shakes and bars, celery sticks with PB2, Pistachios and with low-fat string cheese.
  1. Whenever you go at any restaurant, order smarter salads. Healthy fitness tips for women who used to go at restaurants is that instead of ordering burgers, tacos, fries and shakes order something healthy like salads without croutons with a low-fat dressing on the side.
  1. Stay healthy by cooking for you. Bake a fish with olive oil or you can also make it with barbecue style ground turkey. Eating more carrots, green beans, low-fat cottage cheese, celery, pistachios, string cheese, low-fat yogurt, olives, tangerines, and grapes is a healthy fitness tip for women to lose weight.
  1. If you are feeling unsatisfied after eating a meal or snack than double down on veggies. Eating vegetables is far healthier than eating junk foods.
  1. For a late night at works, pack healthy snacks for yourself. A girl, Alyssa Ann Heidemann from Sioux Falls, South Dakota shared her experience that she came back at home from work at 9.30 or 10.00 P.M. and on her way to the home she brings healthy snacks and food with her so that she feel more in control.
  1. Do not try to stock those foods that temp you. Those women who love to eat ice cream try not to bring it at home. Eat it only at the restaurants or ice cream bars and buy only a single serving of ice cream if you want to lose your weight.
  1. If you are working women and your work is to sit on a desk for the whole day than during your lunch breaks try to move or walk. After having your lunch, walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes outside. Also, take short walks while working or try to move more.
  1.    Effective fitness tips for women to lose weight are to lift weights. Cardio exercises and power lifting has helped me to burn fat. Lifting heavy weights with a trainer is a good way to burn calories. Cardio exercises are especially good to burn calories from thighs, hips, belly and shoulders. If you eat poorly than do not uses exercise as an excuse. If you are doing exercise than it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. Eating healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables while doing exercise is a healthy fitness tip for women to lose weight.
  1. Make a weekly cheat meal for yourself and allow yourself to eat only one cheat meal in a week after the hardest workout.
  1. Drinking as much water as you can is another healthiest fitness tips for women who wanted to lose weight quickly. Make you habit to drink a largely filled glass of water before having a meal so that your stomach will be full with water and you eat less after drinking water. If you are working women then carry a gallon of water with you and drink it all day long until it’s finished.

These are few healthy fitness tips for women to lose weight up to 100 pounds. Above mentioned tips are the few fitness tips for women who want to lose their weight and want to live a healthy life.


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